Project Period: January 1, 2015 - December 31, 2015

Host Countries: Montenegro, Kosovo, Bosna-Herzegovina, Serbia, Albania, Macedonia, Turkey

The goal of the project, sponsored by the European Commission, is the formulation of social policy proposals that will support the social participation of youth under risk of social exclusion.

Each project partner designated a research question on youth employment, according to which they will analyze the factors affecting the employment problems of the youth group in question, and identify the stakeholders around these factors. TOG's research topic is unemployment among women university graduates.

A conference was organized in Bosna-Herzegovina in order to evaluate the results of the discussions and policy proposals together with the stakeholders. Also, an extensive online platform has been set up as part of the project:

As part of the project, two local reports were issued on the topics of regional and female employment, discussing social policy proposals and instruments.