At TOG, we believe that ensuring the development of our colleagues is one of the most important factors helping us achieve our goals.


To devise and implement human resources strategies that create added value for the Foundation to achieve its vision and strategic objectives.



  • To provide a working environment where all employees can adopt the vision, mission and six principles of TOG,
  • To develop transparent and fair practices where all rights are upheld,
  • To place people in harmony with the TOG culture in the job suitable for their competencies,
  • To support the development of employees in line with business processes and objectives,
  • To establish employee productivity systems that bolster the Foundation’s strategy and objectives




When a vacant position arises within the Foundation, we first place an in-house announcement listing the requirements of the position. We complete all the interview process with our colleagues who meet the said requirements. If they are found to be suitable for the position (in terms of knowledge, skills and conduct required by the job), we perform the internal transition process. When no appropriate in-house candidate is available, we place an external announcement.


We evaluate individuals applying to TOG based on their abilities, experience and suitability for the job.


In recruitment, we employ interview techniques and foreign language tests, if necessary, conduct multi-staged interviews, and apply the personality inventory method if required by the position.


We invite the candidates whose resumes are deemed satisfactory to interviews. After the reference check is complete, we make a job offer to promising applicants.


We store the applications of all applicants in our database and follow them up, in order to evaluate them for future positions if they are not suited to the existing vacancies. We inform all candidates about the outcome of the recruitment process.




At TOG, we believe that ensuring the development of our colleagues is one of the most important factors helping us achieve our goals.


We support the development of our employees through different training programs / opportunities and working groups.


We contribute to the academic advancement of employees pursuing master’s or doctoral degrees by giving them time-off for their courses and theses



We support flexible work in order for our colleagues to maintain a balance between their jobs and lives.


Our employees are given the chance to choose from two work schedules: 09:00 – 17:00 and 10:00 – 18:00.


In case there is any work on weekends or public holidays due to trainings or activities, we encourage our colleagues to take that many days off.