Community Volunteers Foundation

Toplum Gönüllüleri Vakfı (TOG) was founded in December 2002. TOG contributes to the personal development of young people through encouraging young people to participate in the social responsibility projects as volunteers. By this way, it increases the young people’s community involvement on a voluntary basis.

Young People on the Move

TOG supports projects designed and implemented by young people, organizes peer-to-peer training seminars, helps and mobilizes youth both in national and international levels. TOG is involved in a wide variety of projects to meet these aims:

  • • Trains the trainers who implement peer-to-peer trainings in subjects such as volunteerism, project management, human rights, social rights, reproductive health, health literacy, and organizational management,

  • • Offers face-to-face support to TOG groups according to their local needs,

  • • Provides scholarship, mentorship and internship opportunities to young people,

  • • Creates learning mobility environments for young people,

  • • Supports young people’s ideas on solving social problems specific and helps them find financing for these projects,

  • • Makes youth surveys and advocates in the area of youth policy.

TOG brings young people together so they can learn by experience, and so they can contribute to the continuity of a democratic and peaceful society.