Aksigorta I Am Safe in Digital World

The I am Safe in Digital Word Project, carried out in partnership with the Community Volunteers Foundation and Aksigorta, includes training and awareness raising activities carried out by Community Volunteer Youth for their peers in the fields of Digital Security, Digital Risks and Cyberbullying, and aims to empower the youth who receive this education in the field of digital security.

Target Audience of the Project:

- Community Volunteer Youth between the ages of 18-25

- Indirect Beneficiaries (People in the Environment of the Youth Benefiting from these Trainings - At Least 3 People)

Objectives of the Project:

- To raise awareness among youth about digital security and digital threats in everyday life,

- To ensure that they have the knowledge and skills on how we can protect ourselves and our environment against digital risks and cyberbullying, which we are exposed to much more with the pandemic,

- To enable participants to learn the people and institutions that they can get support about cyberbullying and to make the right guidance.

Project Implementations:

- Trainings in the Community Field by 17 Community Volunteer Youth and 12 Sabancı Volunteers who received Trainer Training

- Webinars Inviting Experts in Digital Security field