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TOG Mentorship

It is a mentorship project that brings together Community Volunteer youth and adult volunteers who want to support them.

Our adult volunteers, who are involved in working life and open to dialog with young people, mentor Community Volunteer youth and help them overcome their question marks about their social and professional lives. At the same time, TOG youth transfer the social responsibility activities they have experienced to adult volunteers through reverse mentoring.

As of today, the project continues with 206 mentors and 206 mentees. Mentors have the opportunity to get to know the çivil sector more closely by participating in mentorship trainings and meetings organized within the scope of the project, and they also receive orientation on the mentorship approach of the foundation.

Additionally, all mentors and mentees come together and share their experiences at various social events organized as part of TOG Guidance throughout the year.

So far, 1263 youth have received mentorship support.