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Let's run together in the Istanbul Half Marathon to support university youth.

Our goal is to support the projects of Community Volunteer youth who, since 2002, have brought to life social responsibility projects on various themes ranging from human rights and ecology to gender equality and education, thereby making the world a better place.

By running in the marathon for the Community Volunteers Foundation, you can not only share the excitement and thrill of the marathon but also become an ambassador for raising awareness and understanding for youth through your fundraising campaigns, supporting social responsibility projects. 

The runners of the Community Volunteers Foundation, who chase goodness, share their experiences.

Since 2009, marathon donation campaigns created for the Community Volunteers Foundation have supported the participation of 34,672 youths in social responsibility education and their projects.


How do I register for the marathon

To participate in the Istanbul Marathon, you can register for the Istanbul Marathon by logging into

What should we do to run as a corporate team in the marathon?

In order to run the marathon as a corporate team, you must first form your running team by identifying your volunteer runners. Once your running team is determined, each of the runners in this team should register for the Istanbul Marathon at as soon as possible. 

As Community Volunteers Foundation, we will provide you with the necessary information and support throughout this process. 

If you would like to get detailed information about the corporate team processes, you can contact us at

What is the marathon registration fee?

The registration fee for the Istanbul Marathon is 245 TL. Registration fees are paid when registering for the run on the

Why should I run for the Community Volunteers Foundation in the Istanbul Marathon?

As the Community Volunteers Foundation (TOG), we have been providing social responsibility trainings to youth and creating space for youth to realize projects that produce solutions to social problems by acting on the principle of "led by youth, guided by adults" since our establishment in 2002. In the marathon, we centered on the needs of youth and took the research we conducted on the needs of youth as a guide. 

The research we conducted in 2022 on the needs of youth shows that they have difficulty in meeting many of their needs, especially housing, scholarships, culture and arts activities. For this reason, some of them unfortunately have to end their education. TOG runners will take their steps together with youth to support these needs of youth. 

You can share the excitement and enthusiasm of youth and support the needs of youth by crossing the bridge together with Community Volunteer youth at the Istanbul Marathon.