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İğne Deliği Youth Center

İğne Deliği Youth Center (İDGEM), established on October 18, 2003, through a partnership between Atakum Municipality, Community Volunteers Foundation, and Ondokuz Mayıs University, operates under the leadership of young individuals. At İDGEM, workshops, courses, informative sessions, national and international activities, and social responsibility projects (projects/events/campaigns) are organized with the active participation of young people, based on their needs and requests.

Highlighted activities at the center include music workshops such as drums, guitar, violin, piano, and vocals, music recording and rehearsal sessions in the music studio, podcasts, psychological support sessions with experts, nature camps, concerts, and educational support for primary school students.

In addition to the Samsun TOG team's Community Volunteer youths, various communities from Ondokuz Mayıs University and Samsun University, taking advantage of the center's facilities, carry out social responsibility projects on different themes.

İDGEM has longstanding strong local relationships in Samsun, collaborating with public institutions, private sector organizations, and NGOs in various fields.

Being the hub for social responsibility activities to address local needs and issues, İDGEM opens its doors to all young people.

Youth Center

İğne Deliği Gençlik Merkezi

Mimar Sinan Mahallesi, 118 Sokak No:11 (Zirve Cami Yanı) Atakum/Samsun

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