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TOG Disaster Coordination team in the field!

Community Volunteer youth respond to the needs in disaster areas along with other NGOs that are members of the Disaster Platform of which we are a founding member.

In 2003, after the earthquake in Bingöl, Community Volunteer youth set out with the motto "Bingöllüyüz Bin Gönüllüyüz (We are from Bingöl, we are a thousand volunteers)” and have been working to heal the wounds of disasters in our country since then.

Disasters in which Community Volunteer youth actively participated:

May 2003 Bingöl Earthquake
October 2011 Van Earthquake
January 2020 Elazığ Earthquake
October 2020 Izmir Earthquake
August 2021 Western Black Sea Flood
September 2022 Marmaris Fire
Disaster Studies

February 6, 2023 Pazarcık Earthquake

On February 6, the earthquake that affected 10 cities in the Southeastern Anatolia Region deeply impacted all of us.. Following the earthquake, which resulted in the collapse of numerous buildings and casualties, hundreds of Community Volunteers Foundation youth volunteers mobilized to heal the wounds of the earthquake.Immediately after the earthquake, we opened a volunteer application with the Disaster Platform and within a few hours, nearly 60,000 people who said "I am a volunteer to erase the traces of the disaster" applied.

Since the day of the earthquake, more than 4,000 volunteers have supported the unloading, sorting and packing of aid trucks in Hatay, Kahramanmaraş, Adıyaman and Gaziantep.

Community Volunteer youth took responsibility not only in the disaster area but also in the aid collection centers in their own localities and supported the correct delivery of aid parcels. We directed volunteers to the aid collection centers of many municipalities and private organizations.

Our support reaches the earthquake region

Our support reaches the earthquake region

TOG, which is also preparing to implement sustainable projects for the post-disaster recovery process, lists the aid sent to the region with the contributions of its corporate and individual donors in line with the principle of transparency as follows: container toilets, bathrooms, generators and generator fuel, industrial stoves, thermal tents, camping beds, sleeping bags, textile materials, health and hygiene supplies.  In addition, 2 vans were allocated to the warehouse in Hatay for the distribution of materials.

They conduct workshops with children and lecture to high school students

They conduct workshops with children and lecture to high school students

We started to implement TOG Support Centers to contribute to the social and psychological healing process of children and youth affected by the disaster in the earthquake region. We aim to move the Support Centers, which started with the establishment of a tent in Kahramanmaraş Elbistan, to a prefabricated structure in the near future. In the tent, the "Would You Be My Student" project team formed by youth teaches high school and university preparatory students the subjects they need. The "Bayer Young Science Ambassadors" project team makes children love science with experiments, and the "Play as much as the Sky" team plays games with children and contributes to their healing process. Since last week, youth have conducted workshops with more than 150 children.

We established the Disaster Scholarship Fund

We established the Disaster Scholarship Fund

We continue to expand the Disaster Scholarship Fund, which we created to contribute to the education of youth affected by the earthquake through our different cooperation models.

Within the scope of the fund, we have so far reached 621 youth with the support of GSK, Oggusto, Spotify, Cream Co, Elidor, Mudo, Paribu, Akasya, Loreal and HSBC. Our goal is to provide scholarship support to 1,000 youth for a minimum of 12 months.