Get Rid of Bullying from Your Head

The 'Get Rid of Bullying from Your Head' project aims to address the anxiety, educational failures, and potential negative impacts caused by bullying that children face in both their private and social lives. Supported by Head & Shoulders, Migros, and Prof. Dr. Selçuk Şirin, the project has been brought to life. World and Olympic Champion Mete Gazoz and gaming influencer Büşra Pelin (Pqueen) Baynazoğlu are also involved. As part of the project, a website has been created to provide information about peer bullying, and it is planned to reach thousands of children in Ankara, Istanbul, and Izmir. Community volunteers, aiming to demonstrate a strong stance against peer bullying and increase social awareness, will provide awareness and education sessions in schools. As the first step of this project, young individuals were trained on the subject of peer bullying and prepared for school implementations during the initial training held in Istanbul from November 11th to 14th