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Who We Are?

What we do?

Founded in 2002, the Community Volunteers Foundation (TOG) acts on the principle of "Youth-led, adult-guided" and creates space for youth to realize projects that produce solutions to social problems by providing social responsibility trainings.

Why we do it?

TOG aims to contribute to the personal development of youth and believes that youth have the potential and energy to create solutions to social and environmental problems. TOG knows that youth whose potentials are recognized and whose talents and energies are supported in the right direction will improve society and trusts in the power of youth.

How we do it?

Community Volunteer youth, who come together as student clubs, societies or groups at universities in all provinces of Turkey, carry out activities that create social benefit by producing projects on many themes ranging from children's rights to culture and arts, from ecology to health, from animal rights to sustainable living. TOG provides social responsibility trainings to youth and supports them to realize their projects. It also contributes to their education and future dreams with scholarships and mentoring support.


To ensure social peace, solidarity and change through the leadership of youth and guidance of adults.


To contribute to the formation of a self-confident, entrepreneurial and sensitive youth who can produce solutions to the problems around them by implementing various social responsibility projects.

Community Volunteers Foundation (TOG) Principles

Respect for Differences

Knowing that differences are a social wealth, working together with the team to solve social problems with the awareness of equality.

Lifelong Learning

Being open to innovation, feedback, change and continuous improvement.

Transparency and Accountability

A culture of sharing the work done and its contents, experiences, know-how, processes, how donations and budget are used, material and immaterial outputs with all stakeholders in an open, clear and understandable way.


Identifying problems together, planning and executing responsibilities in the work together, providing regular information transfer and feedback, and embracing the understanding of "for all of us, all together".

Local Participation

Identifying local needs, engaging with local people and encouraging their participation in projects and resource support with as wide a range of stakeholders as possible. Ensure the sustainability and ownership of projects by raising the level of awareness of local people.


Taking action. Taking initiative. Implementing projects by considering their social, economic and environmental dimensions as a whole.