Gender Equality Trainings

Gender Equality Trainings are one of the key tools for mainstreaming gender equality in every action area and in the institutions where projects, policies, and programs are implemented. These trainings aim to create, develop, and monitor a perspective that ensures gender equality with its causes and effects throughout the structure and functioning of these institutions.

Since 2010, TOG has been working towards mainstreaming gender equality. We have achieved our goal of raising awareness among numerous youths and adults through gender equality trainer trainings, local outreach trainings, online courses, adult education in collaboration with institutions, and trainings developed according to needs.

Gender Equality Trainings facilitate the defense of the rights and freedoms of women, men, and LGBTI+ individuals in local youth organizations' gender studies. They also ease the localization of policies and programs.

The content of Gender Equality Trainings includes:

  • Basic concepts related to gender
  • Gender-based violence
  • Sexuality and gender equality
  • Dating violence
  • Digital violence
  • Everyday implications of gender
  • Methods to combat inequality and violence

These trainings are designed to:

  • Facilitate discussions on basic concepts of gender,
  • Understand the relationship between gender inequality, discrimination, and patriarchy,
  • Gain knowledge about basic concepts related to LGBTI+,
  • Be informed about sexuality, reproduction, and body politics and their connection to gender,
  • Discuss basic concepts and myths about gender-based violence,
  • Create a field for combating gender-based violence and discrimination and develop various tools,
  • Analyze violent behaviors in dating relationships.