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Support Community Volunteers Foundation Scholarship Funds!

You can donate to the Community Volunteers Foundation (TOG) Scholarships by determining the amount yourself so that youth can continue their education and their projects full of goodness.


Corporate Scholarship Funds
  • Paribu Disaster Scholarship Fund
  • Spotify Voice of Youth Scholarship Program
  • Cream.Co Disaster Scholarship Fund
  • Mudo Disaster Scholarship Fund
  • Hsbc Disaster Scholarship Fund
  • Akiş Disaster Scholarship Fund
  • Paribu Disaster Scholarship Fund
  • Turkcell Kardelenler Scholarship
  • Trendyol Education Scholarship
  • Elidor On Our Path Scholarship
  • TPF Elazig Scholarship Fund
  • GSK Izmir Support Scholarship Fund


Scholarship funds you can donate to

Corporate Collaborations

Our valued partners who support young people's projects.

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