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Community Volunteers Foundation(TOG), we have implemented a range of education modules designed considering the needs and priorities of volunteer youth. Our methodology embraces "Non-Formal Education" techniques, which enable participating youth to blend their ideas and thoughts with experiences, fostering effective discussions on designated topics. This approach not only facilitates an increase in knowledge but also allows for desired changes in opinions and perspectives.

To enhance the effectiveness and sustainability of our education programs, the "Peer Education" methodology has been employed. This methodology encourages youth to learn from their peers, sharing experiences in a common platform, while also enabling the use of non-formal education techniques. In 2016, these two mechanisms became integral to our participant-focused, free, and open educational environments.

TOG's Education System works with various pools of trainers to support and sustain the learning process where young people learn from their peers. Each year, new volunteer trainers are developed through training programs, continuing our commitment to empowering the youth.

A pivotal part of TOG's Education System, the education coordinators, are selected by TOG organizations and work closely with the program coordinators. They receive ongoing support throughout the year, ensuring the successful coordination and implementation of educational programs and projects.