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TOG History

This story began in 2002…

"I would like to share with you a new volunteering movement with the intention of realizing a dream, shaping the future of a society, and giving hope to a country," began İbrahim Betil in his letter dated 2002, which he sent to youth and his friends.

He was calling for action under the roof of "Community Volunteers" to shape the future together and make the world a better place.

This movement started that day with İbrahim Betil and a group of youth; It resonated in every corner of Turkey with thousands of Community Volunteer youth, our Alumni Volunteers, partners and supporters, whose numbers are increasing.

Community Volunteers Foundation was established in 2002 with a great volunteer movement to support youth and their dreams of change; Since its establishment, it has supported the education and future dreams of youth with nearly 150 scholarship funds. Youth created social benefits with tens of thousands of projects they implemented locally in 81 cities.

  • Community Volunteers Foundation is established!
  • 60 youth from 18 cities and 25 universities attended the 1st Youth Council, which was held before the foundation was officially established. Community Volunteers Foundation (TOG) was founded on December 29, 2002, under the leadership of youth and the guidance of adults.
  • The first TOGSES was published as one single page.
  • In the first TOG Atak, Community Volunteer youth took their first steps of this great youth movement while improving the physical conditions of a village school in Eskişehir.
  • TOG Youth Councils have become traditional. Each council began to be hosted by a TOG community.
  • The idea of Key Trainings emerged after the training need expressed by the youth who attended the Field Needs Assessment Meeting.
  • Samsun İğne Deliği Youth Center was opened.
  • Youth are getting stronger with "5 Keys"!
  • Transitioned to the 5 Key System with the addition of Yellow Key TOG Orientation and White Key.
  • Ankara Coordination Center was opened.
  • The first Periodic Summer Project was held in Ağrı Doğubeyazıt.
  • Human Rights Training started with the Democracy and Our Rights Program.
  • The first international project was implemented.
  • Good Hearts Shop, TOG's economic enterprise, was opened.
  • In the 5th Youth Council of TOG, 8 Community Volunteer youth entered the board for the first time based on rankings determined by the youth. This practice was traditionalized, creating a new mechanism for youth participation.
  • The first simultaneous event was held in many cities with ”We are Reading a Book".
  • Trainers gathered at the I. Key Refreshment Meeting.
  • Organization Management Trainings were carried out.
  • Regional Needs Assessment Meetings were held. Youth from nearby cities came together at these meetings and shared Decrees about their projects.
  • The Youth Studies Unit was established at the university in cooperation with Istanbul Bilgi University and TOG.
  • TOG Projects Department was established. Network projects have started to be coordinated by this department. The Small Steps Big Tomorrows Project has started.
  • The 4th Field Needs Assessment Meeting was held. Positive discrimination practices aimed at supporting gender equality were proposed and accepted by youth.
  • Coordinators, who came together at the 1st Coordination Meeting, exchanged ideas for the smoother operation of the upcoming period. 
  • The Living Library Project was implemented for the first time.
  • The first TOG Bazaar event was organized by the members of the TOG Social Committee.
  • The Youth and Social Rights Project has started. Life is Tough! the board game was popularized in the Social Rights Coffeehouses.
  • During the 3rd Coordination Meeting, it was decided to hold TOG Youth Councils on a themed basis and the theme of the year would be determined by youth.
  • The first Training Coordinators Meeting was held where training coordinators could share their experiences and learn from each other.
  • The Senate was abolished at the 11th Youth Council by the decision taken by the youth.
  • “Bending Time” personal development training sessions were held.
  • The first charity run was organized with the Step by Step Formation.
  • The Field Coordinators System was developed and a new learning and empowerment space was created for youth.
  • The results of the University Youth Needs Survey have been published.
  • Youth participating in the 13th Youth Council determined the theme of the year as "Youth Participation". Theme Coordination Team was formed.
  • The idea of the Alternative Youth Week Project emerged at the 14th Youth Council.
  • The Young Field Project was implemented.
  • Masculinity Is an Exceptional Case (EİBD) Exhibition was opened for the first time.
  • TOG was represented in the Advisory Board of the Council of Europe.
  • Worth for Youth! campaign has begun.
  • Pink House and Pinhole Youth Centers became Eurodesk contact points.
  • The results of TOG Impact Research have been published.
  • Mainstreaming gender equality efforts began.
  •  With the change in the Board of Directors’ Chairmanship, a co-chair system was introduced.
  • Gender equality trainings were held with Young Women.
  •  Young Science Ambassadors Project started.
  •  Not Too Late, Youth! Campaign was carried out.
  •  "12 Famous Houses by 12 Architects" Project was implemented.
  • Community Volunteers Foundation is 10 Years Old!
  • The 10th Anniversary TOG Documentary, which tells the stories of change and transformation of Community Volunteer youth’s, was published.
  • The results of the University Students' Freedom of Expression and Organization Survey were published.
  • At the 20th Youth Council One Youth Gathering, Community Volunteers organized a youth march on Istiklal Street.
  • The book "100 Faces to 100 Faces”, which includes interviews of famous names with youth, was published.
  • TOG Recommendations were submitted to the Constitution Study.
  • Initial Training for Organizing Support Coordinators was held.
  • Contact Trainings started to be organized instead of Key Trainings.
  • Thematic training packages on Discrimination, Peace and Gender Equality were prepared.
  • Training on Working with Children was organized.
  •  At the 23rd Youth Council, the ranking of TOG Board of Directors was held online for the first time.
  • Youth Scholarship Fund for Soma was established.
  • Living Library Capacity Development Program was implemented.
  • Youth Research and Policy Department was established.
  • 8 TOG Ataks and 5 Periodic Summer Projects brought youth together.
  • A youth organization from Turkey was represented at the Council of Europe Youth Advisory Board.
  • Field Internship Program was launched.
  • TOG Youth Support Department was established.
  • DenizBank became the solution partner of Community Volunteers Foundation.
  • Traditional TOG Bazaar was organized for the 10th time.
  • In partnership with Most Production, youth were guests of Hayat Şarkısı TV series. A series dinner was organized with the series actors.
  • TOG Youth Centers were opened in Ankara, Diyarbakır and Hatay/Kırıkhan.
  • Rights-Based Work with Children Trainings were organized.
  • In the 38th Vodafone Istanbul Marathon, the foundation broke its own records in terms of number of runners and donations.
  • Community Volunteers Foundation has started its new campaign in the name of the power of strong youth who can change the world with their power they choose to be good.
  • The 28th TOG Youth Council was held in Ankara on March 15 - 18 with the participation of 303 youth from TOG communities.
  • In 2018, there were changes in 5 Key Systems. The content and needs of trainings changed between January and June 2018.
  • My Colorful Classroom project was launched.
  • A Coastal Cleanup event was organized with Head&Shoulders and Serenay Sarıkaya.
  • On the 15th anniversary of the Community Volunteers Foundation, Sezen Aksu Concert was organized.
  • From June 24 to 27, 2019, 248 participants came together in Eskişehir for the 29th TOG Youth Council - Preparatory Council.
  • In 2019, 182 volunteers from communities participated in 4 National Ataks, 45 volunteers in 1 Regional Ataks, and 3,330 young volunteers in 111 Local Ataks.
  • Coronavirus Pandemic Process and Needs of Youth Needs Survey was conducted.
  • Community Volunteers Foundation adapted its orientations/trainings to the online environment due to the pandemic.
  • After the Elazığ Earthquake, civil society organizations that carried out joint work in the field formed the Disaster Platform in order to act together in disaster situations and take quick action.
  • Community Volunteer youths launched the Youth Employment Support Scheme (YESS) Academy.
  • In collaboration with the Need Map and TOG, the "Own a Computer!" campaign provided computer support for university students with limited resources to access online education.
  • Zorlu PSM & Tosla - My Last Minute Seat Project was implemented.
  • The 31st Youth Council was held online between December 24-26 with the participation of Community Volunteer youth from 98 TOG communities and 18 project teams, members of the Board of Directors and Board of Trustees, alumni and TOG Office staff.
  • Community Volunteer youth took action in their cities very quickly after each disaster and supported those affected by the disasters.
  • The "On Our Own Path" project implemented in collaboration with TOG & Elidor in 2021 aims to empower university student young women.
  • In the project, which aims to support the projects of Community Volunteer youth and be a part of their volunteering stories; portraits of 6 Community Volunteer youth taken by Sefa Yamak with Oppo Reno6 were offered for sale as NFT.
  • The Art Sunday event, implemented to support the social responsibilities of Community Volunteer youth, took place with the participation of 150 people in collaboration with Pg Art Gallery.
  • In 2021, the website of the Good Hearts Shop was renewed with corporate identity and new designs.
  • Community Volunteers Foundation is 20 years old!
  • TOG's 20th Anniversary manifesto and 20th Anniversary film have been published.
  • In Hatay/Iskenderun; A game festival for children between the ages of 7-12 was held at TOG ATAK, hosted by the "Play as Much as the Sky" project team.
  • The Youth Council came to life with the motto "We Volunteer for a Sustainable World" with the participation of 90 TOG communities and 11 project teams between 22-25 September.
  • A Research on the Needs of University Students was conducted with KONDA, and young people started to benefit from the Accommodation Scholarship Fund.
  • In 2022, a collaboration was made with UN Women to develop the Gender Studies Program and fund its studies.
  • Within the scope of the EmploYouth for Western Balkans and Turkey project, grants between 5,000 and 10,000 Euros were given to 10 non-governmental organizations to implement employment projects.