Key Trainings

Key Trainings, contributing to the development and empowerment of Community Volunteer youth, are defined within the framework of the 5 Key System as a learning process for Community Volunteers.

The first step of this system, the Yellow Key, involves participation in the face-to-face or online Community Volunteering Orientation, providing information about the foundation's principles, work area, and structure.

Following this, Community Volunteer youth participating in communities and project teams strengthen their skills sequentially with the Blue Key focused on Civil Society and Volunteering themes,

the Red Key I centered on Project Development,

the Red Key II on Resource Development,

and the Green Key emphasizing Teamwork and Communication.

After these stages, the 5 Key System continues with the White Key, which entails active participation in a social responsibility project, representing the culmination of the empowerment process.

Youth who participate in Key Trainer Training spread the training content with their peers using non-formal learning methodologies.

The trainings are conducted over two full days on a weekend, as requested by the communities and determined by the teams.

In 2022 and 2023, a total of 6,183 young people participated in 110 Key Training sessions (29 Blue Keys, 52 Red Keys, 29 Green Keys), 46 online Community Volunteer Orientation sessions, and 14 online Project Development Training sessions.