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The Community Volunteers Foundation Sexual Harassment and Assault Prevention Commitee (CİTÖK) was established to carry out protective and preventive studies on sexual violence within the Community Volunteers Foundation, to establish application and solution mechanisms, and to ensure that we carry out our relations with volunteers, employees and stakeholders in a violence-free manner in all activities in which the Foundation is involved. Community Volunteers Foundation is one of the first non-governmental organizations to establish a committee of this nature.

The committee aims to create a volunteering and working environment free from gender based violence, inequality and discrimination at all levels of the Community Volunteers Foundation, and to create an application mechanism in case at least one of the parties is a TOG employee and/or volunteer. In the case of an application, the committee aims to provide support for the needs of the applicant or to bring them together with support through the counseling and guidance provided by a sociologist, two psychologists and a lawyer who are members of the committee. The committee carries out all these activities in confidentiality and privacy, with a gender equality perspective.

In order to create a violence-free working environment, the committee organizes trainings, meetings and similar activities for all employees and volunteers on combating sexual violence under the Gender Equality Program within the scope of preventive work on sexual harassment and assault.

For detailed information about the committee; you can find the directive and policy document of the Sexual Harassment and Assault Prevention Committee here.

For more information about the Sexual Harassment and Assault Prevention Committee and to apply, please contact