ETİ - You are Youth You are the Power

In cooperation with Eti, we have launched the Social Responsibility Project "You are Youth, You are the Power" to support young entrepreneurs who persistently and courageously pursue their dreams.

What is You are Youth, You are the Power?

It is a social responsibility project launched by Eti and TOG in 2019 to support youth who are striving to achieve their dreams through their own efforts and to make their stories visible, thereby inspiring other youth.

With the 'You are Youth, You are the Power' project, we aim to reach youth between the ages of 15-25 who make a difference in science, culture/arts, sports and social responsibility throughout Turkey and who are inspiring with their work and achievements, and to increase the visibility of their stories.

Each year, expert jury members evaluate and select a total of 16 youth in 4 categories, providing them with mentorship and grant support. By doing so, we encourage them to pursue their dreams and stand by them on the path to success.

You can contact us at for your questions and suggestions.


How does the process work?

Every year in the May - June period, youth who apply via the Community Volunteers Foundation's website for the call opened across Turkey are pre-selected by the Community Volunteers Foundation in line with the project evaluation criteria.

Following the preliminary evaluation, youth who make it to the semi-finals are granted the opportunity to participate in the 'You are Youth, You are the Power’ digital camp. In order to support and benefit more youth, we organize a 2-day online camp with the participation of 128 youth. Esteemed experts in their fields participate in our camp, sharing their knowledge and experience and answering the questions of youth. After the digital camp, the application forms are submitted to the evaluation of the jury members and 4 youth from each category, 16 in total, are determined as the most suitable for the project criteria. Our most important evaluation criterion within the scope of the project is the perseverance and determination of youth to achieve their dreams.


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