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Our Human Resources Approach and Policy 

Developing and Implementing Value-Creating Human Resources Strategies to Achieve the Foundation's Vision and Strategic Goals.

Our Human Resources Policy;

  • Establishing a  working environment for all employees to adopt the Foundation's vision, mission and six principles
  • Developing transparent, fair and respect all rights pratices.
  • Placing people who fit the culture of the Community Volunteers Foundation (TOG) in jobs that match their competencies
  • Supporting the development of its employees in line with business processes and targets
  • Establishing employee productivity systems that support the Foundation's strategy and goals.


Recruitment and Placement;

When a new position is opened within the Foundation, we initially release an internal announcement with the criteria of the position. We complete all interview processes with our colleagues who meet the criteria. If they are found suitable for the position (knowledge, skills and behavior required by the job), we proceed with the transition process. If no suitable candidate is found, we start the external announcement process.

We evaluate applicants to the Community Volunteers Foundation (TOG) according to their skills, experience and suitability for the job.

In recruitment, we use interview techniques, foreign language tests when necessary, conduct staged interviews and apply personality inventories for the required positions.

We invite our candidates whose resumes are found positive to participate in the interview. We send our offer to our successful candidates after the reference check is completed.

We store and track the applications of our candidates who apply to us in the database to be evaluated in other positions in case they cannot be evaluated in existing positions. We inform all our candidates about the results of the recruitment process.

Education and Development

As Community Volunteers Foundation (TOG), we believe that ensuring the development of our colleagues is one of the most important activities in achieving our goals.

We support the development of our employees through various training programs/opportunities and working groups.

 We contribute to the academic development of our employees who are pursuing a master's degree/doctorate degree by giving them permission for their course hours and for their research studies during their thesis periods.

Flexible Working Hours

We support flexible working so that our colleagues can easily achieve a work-life balance.

We provide our employees with the opportunity to work by choosing the working hours that suit them from the 09:00 - 17:00 and 10:00 - 18:00 working hours.

In case of working on weekends/public holidays due to trainings/events, we support our colleagues to use the days they work as leave.

Şevket Sabancı First Chance Program

Şevket Sabancı First Chance Program

Community Volunteers Foundation is one of the NGO stakeholders of the Şevket Sabancı First Chance Program, which aims to provide equal opportunities for graduates of lesser-known public universities in their transition to employement.