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Community Volunteers Foundation conducts its activities together with Community Volunteer Youth, who emphasize its principles and values with their work in its vision of Social Peace.

As the Ethics Committee of the Community Volunteers Foundation, we acknowledge our responsibility towards the Community Volunteer Youth in cases brought to the Board of Directors and the Ethics Committee. The processes experienced by Community Volunteers are examined in detail and a summary report is submitted to the President of the Board of Directors. The final decision and the right to have a say in the action to be taken is entirely with the Community Volunteers Foundation Board of Directors. In addition, the way the Community Volunteers Foundation Ethics Committee works is specified in detail in our regulation. You can access the Ethics Committee Agreement and the Annex of the Regulation by clicking here.

The Community Volunteer Stance, which is another annex of the Regulation, is the written form of the points to be followed or avoided that Community Volunteers have already adopted. It refers to a "set of behaviors" whose essence is "honesty" and "principles & values of the foundation".


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