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This commitment letter has been prepared by the Community Volunteers Foundation and is a commitment letter that mutually binds the student who receives a scholarship from the Community Volunteers Foundation (Scholar) and the Community Volunteers Foundation, to resolve possible problems that may arise for both parties during the period of scholarship, to specify the obligations of the parties and to protect and regulate the rights of these parties.


  1. At the end of the second semester (June) of each academic year, the scholar will upload their student certificate approved by the Ministry of National Education to TOG Youth Support Programs via Microfon platform. The scholarship continuity of those who do not upload it will be terminated.
  2. The Scholar is required to participate in volunteer activities under the TOG umbrella for a total of 16 hours per month and maintain a grade point average of 2 or higher on a 4-point scale.
  3. Scholars are obliged to notify TOG in a timely manner of any change in their contact information (mobile phone and e-mail address), change of department, change of school, going abroad temporarily, not being able to continue their education, change of bank account information (IBAN).
  4. If the scholar fails to fulfill the responsibilities specified in items 1 and 2, they must submit a written excuse. If they do not submit an excuse or if the excuse is not accepted by the scholarship committee, the scholarship will be terminated.
  5. Receiving a scholarship from another organization does not preclude receiving a scholarship from TOG. However, if the scholar receives a scholarship from any other organization, this must be reported to TOG Youth Support Programs.
  6. If a scholarship recipient receives disciplinary action, they may lose the right to receive a scholarship from the Community Volunteers Foundation (TOG). After the TOG Scholarship Committee evaluates the reason for the imposed penalty, if deemed necessary, the committee will request the matter to be communicated to the TOG Ethics Board for further consideration and potential action by the TOG Board of Directors.
  7. Scholars are expected to maintain their ties with TOG as a TOG volunteer even after the end of the scholarship. The scholar has the duty to inform TOG of any changes in address, telephone and e-mail information in order for the scholarship process to be carried out in a healthy manner. If the scholar does not want their contact information to be included in TOG after the end of the scholarship process and requests the deletion of all their data, it will be deleted and destroyed upon their request, otherwise the recipient is deemed to have accepted to be included in TOG's personal data data.
  8. Scholar; 
    – TOG vision, mission, principles and values, 
    – The scholarship contract may be terminated and the scholar may lose the right to receive the scholarship if they act contrary to the decisions taken by the authorized boards of TOG (Board of Trustees, Board of Directors, Youth Council) and makes statements and declarations that damage the corporate identity of the Foundation. 
    When the above-mentioned situation occurs, the Scholarship Committee may request the TOG Board of Directors to forward the matter to the TOG Ethics Committee if deemed necessary.
  9. When a situation mentioned in Articles 6 and 7 and/or a situation that initiates the Ethics Committee process occurs, the scholar's scholarship will be frozen. If the Ethics Committee deems the scholar unfair, the scholar loses the right to receive the scholarship.
  10. The scholar is obliged to verify the statements made during the application and during the scholarship process by submitting the necessary documents upon TOG's request. If it is determined that the scholar has made false or incomplete statements, the scholarship will be withdrawn and legal action may be taken.


  1. TOG is obliged to organize a meeting between the scholar and the donor who provides funds for the scholarship upon the request of either party.
  2. TOG is responsible for establishing scholarships, identifying and selecting scholars, paying scholarships, monitoring, auditing and reporting their academic status and social sensitivity activities, conducting similar administrative work, and managing conditional scholarship donations in accordance with the conditions and principles set by the donor.
  3. TOG is responsible for transferring the scholarships of the scholar who fulfill their scholarship responsibilities to the bank information submitted to Youth Support Programs by the 7th of each month for 9 months between November and July.
  4. In the event that the donor does not continue the scholarship donations, the scholarship of the scholar may not continue in the following year, even if they fulfill their scholarship responsibilities.

By accepting all the rights and duties stated above, the parties declare that they will fulfill their responsibilities.