Naturally Young - Ecological Literacy Project

The "Naturally Young! Ecological Literacy Project" is the first ecological literacy initiative aimed at young people in Turkey, conducted in partnership between the Community Volunteers Foundation (TOG) and Yuva Association.

Being ecologically literate means understanding the natural cycles and ecosystems that make life on Earth possible and having the skills to act for the preservation of these balances.

Participants who attended the one-week Ecological Literacy Trainer Training at an ecological farm in Kazdağları, and who are informed about nature-friendly, sustainable living, share their knowledge with their peers through a 2-day informal training program.

Since its inception in 2013, the project had organized 45 training sessions across 23 provinces by the end of 2015. In 2015, 22 trainers provided ecological literacy training to a total of 149 youths across 8 training sessions.

Furthermore, the first Ecological Youth Camp held in August 2015 saw the participation of 97 people discussing topics like energy and agricultural policies, climate change, local struggles, and water rights over four days. During the camp, participants consumed a meat-free diet using locally grown produce and used only public transportation to reduce their ecological footprint.