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For Complete Equality, Gender Equality!

For Complete Equality, Gender Equality!

At the Community Volunteers Foundation, we embed gender equality at the core of all our work areas, striving to prevent gender inequality. Through gender equality trainings, we aim to raise awareness among Community Volunteer youth, aged 17-25, on various topics such as gender equality, positive discrimination, non-violent communication, safe relationships, women's movement, basic concepts related to gender, methods of violence and combating violence, and national and international legal achievements.


Why Should There Be Gender Equality Trainings?

Why Should There Be Gender Equality Trainings?

According to the World Economic Forum's 2022 report, Turkey ranks 124th out of 146 countries in terms of gender equality. United Nations reports show that individuals face discrimination due to their gender in employment, education, social participation, political involvement, and domestic labor divisions. We believe that the most fundamental method to identify these areas of discrimination and solve inequality is especially through making gender equality trainings accessible to the youth.



We create an echo with the voices rising from small groups by implementing activities actively in the field through a peer education model of university students, under the leadership of young people and the guidance of adults.

We also provide trainings aimed at institutions to increase social impact in the field and create a multiplier effect, not only targeting young people.

To prevent gender-based sexual violence, we established the Sexual Harassment and Assault Prevention Board (CİTÖK) in 2017. With the existence of CİTÖK, young people feel more secure and are more inclined to participate in volunteer activities.

Over the last 10 years, through our training efforts and other activities within our youth-led projects, we have reached over 20,000 young people.

What Have We Done in the Past?


Democracy and Our Rights Project Trainings:

The Democracy and Our Rights Project Trainings were designed and implemented, including a specific session on Gender Equality. This session focused on integrating the principles of gender equality into the broader context of democracy and human rights education.


Reproductive Health Peer Education Project:

The Reproductive Health Peer Education Project was designed and implemented, including a specific session on Gender Equality. This session aimed to integrate gender equality perspectives into reproductive health education, emphasizing the importance of understanding gender roles and equality in the context of reproductive health and rights.


At the 4th Local Needs Assessment Meeting, a decision was made to ensure that at least one of the representatives sent to the Councils is a woman.





In the Youth Council, a decision was taken to initiate actions on participation, equality mechanisms, and related topics within the TOG Foundation, following the implementation of a Gender Equality Workshop. Additionally, for the first time, a Gender Equality Training specifically designed for women was conducted.


The "Think Purple Gender Monitoring Project" was designed and implemented.

For the first time, gender clubs and groups began to be established in local organizations.


The established Gender Mainstreaming Program transformed gender equality efforts into a more comprehensive program.

A co-chair system was introduced in the Board of Directors.

5-day Gender Trainings with Women were conducted.

Gender Training Sessions were held during the summer period.


5-day Gender Trainings were conducted specifically for women.


Gender Training Sessions were organized for the summer period.

The TOG Bazaar Event was themed around Gender Equality.

A Young Women's Fund was established.

A Small Grants Program was launched.


Gender Training Sessions for the summer period were conducted.

A grant program for TOG organizations was opened.

A fundraising campaign was organized during the Likya Way Ultra Marathon to generate resources for the Young Women's Fund. This marathon led to 311 donors supporting 98 youths.

The TOG Collective Agreement was expanded to include specific provisions for the rights of female and LGBTI employees.

A decision was made in the Board of Directors' elections to have separate voting lists for women and men.


The establishment of the Sexual Harassment and Assault Prevention Board has made young volunteers feel safer and more empowered to fight against violence while volunteering at TOG. (A link can be provided here to direct to the Board)

For the first time, a Gender Equality Trainer Training was conducted. The program consisted of two parts: online and face-to-face.

A fundraising campaign was organized during the Lycian Way Ultra Marathon to support the Young Women's Fund.

The TOG Gender Equality Guide facilitated dissemination practices in the field.

The developed Dating Violence Brochure helped young people learn how to stay safe in relationships.

The establishment of the Afife Jale and Suat Derviş Scholarship Funds provided support to young people pursuing careers in the arts.

2018 - 2022

4 Gender Trainer Training Sessions were conducted.

Young women pursuing their dreams with the Elidor Kendi Yolumuzda (Elidor Our Own Way) Project receive support from TOG and Elidor.