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Certificate and Special Occasion Cards

Thanks to the certificates and greeting cards you will receive from TOG to present to your stakeholders or colleagues on special days and events, you can be a partner in the project dreams of Community Volunteer youth.

We can update our certificates with the text you want and submit them for your approval, and if you request, we can use your corporate logo in our designs.

We can proceed with one of the following for our digital and printed certificates;

  1. We can send a mass mailing to the names and e-mail addresses on the list you will submit via TOG's euromesaage system on the day we will determine together.
  2. We prepare your certificates in PNG/JPEG format specifically for the names on the list you will forward. We save each certificate according to the name-surname of the person or according to a code you will send. Then we deliver them all to you in bulk via e-mail.
  3. We can prepare your printed certificates specially for the names in the list you will send us and send them to the address you will send us.

You can send an e-mail to for detailed information about certificate designs and budgets.