Inspark Salesforce Academy

Project Goal: It is aimed that youth who are NEET and at risk of becoming NEET will be employable in the CRM field through Salesforce training.

Target Audience of the Project: 

- 3-4th grade students or graduates in the relevant departments of universities, who fulfill the conditions of knowing a foreign language at a sufficient level and participating in the project.

- Inspark Volunteers

Project Objectives: 

- To increase the competencies of Community Volunteer Youth in the CRM field.

- To ensure that Community Volunteer Youth are prepared for business life through Guidance Activities to be carried out with Expert Volunteers in the Field. 

- To Increase the Experience of Community Volunteer Youth in Business Life and Contribute to Their Employability through internship opportunities.

-Provide Inspark Professionals with Volunteering Experience through working with youth on practical practices.