"Through the 'My Car is Yours' Project, toy cars were delivered to schools in need!" 17 June 2022

Arabam.com, in collaboration with the Community Volunteers Foundation (TOG), has successfully completed the 'My Car is Yours' Toy Sharing Social Responsibility Project.

In this project, a page was designed where people could query the representative value of their toy cars using the Trink sat! service, turning their "toy cars" into donations. The created page remained active for one month, converting the representative value of toy cars into donations. The revenue generated from these donations supported the social responsibility education of volunteer youth and enabled them to implement education-themed projects. Additionally, toy cars sponsored by arabam.com were delivered via MNG Cargo to certain schools in Adana, Balıkesir, Hatay, Izmir, Kütahya, Sivas, and Van, where children are receiving education. Those who wanted to send their own toy cars to children could query their toys on the website and they were sent to a primary school in Niğde. Furthermore, in Istanbul, toy distribution to children in need was carried out by arabam.com employees and volunteer youth.

How was it done?

Individuals who wanted to contribute to the project could support by querying the representative value of their toy cars using arabam.com's Trink sat! service. Participants were asked to enter information about the brand, purchase date, functionality, and material of their toy cars into the system. Each query conducted converted into a donation of 5 TL, 10 TL, or 15 TL by arabam.com.

Arda Ayvaz, CEO of arabam.com, shared his thoughts on the project: “With our 'My Car is Yours” project, our primary aim was to support volunteer youth in developing education-themed projects. In fact, with our project, we contributed to everyone's awareness of social responsibility. Through our project page, people could contribute simply by querying the representative Trink sat! value of toy cars. Every query made was converted into a donation by arabam.com. Participants further contributed by sharing their appreciation certificates on their social media accounts, helping the project reach more people. When it comes to education, we wanted to also bring happiness to children in rural areas. With the support of volunteer youth, we delivered specially made toy cars to selected schools. We aim for our project, carried out for the first time this year, to be long-term and sustainable. We hope that with this project we carried out with TOG, we will raise awareness and increase the sense of social responsibility."

Ayşe Kırımlı, a manager at TOG Foundation, commented on the matter: "As TOG, for 20 years, we aim to empower young people with various training, scholarship, and mentoring programs. As a youth foundation, we also value children who are the future, and we are excited to carry out projects where they take center stage. Therefore, together with volunteer youth, we implement projects, conduct workshops, and provide education, reaching thousands of children every year. Through youth, we have reached hundreds of thousands of children so far. Today, we are pleased to be involved in such a valuable collaboration that focuses on young people and children and aims to create value for them. With arabam.com, we will support 200 young people to receive social responsibility education and witness the smiles of children with the gifts we have prepared for them. Throughout the year, we will continue to distribute toy cars in 7 different provinces. We are happy to be part of such a valuable collaboration that focuses on young people and children.