"The 'Remember, Hopefully' Exhibition is Now Open!" 02 October 2022


Artist Defne Özyürek's exhibition "Remember, Hopefully" will take place at the Adas Art Center on October 2nd. The proceeds from the exhibition will be donated to the Community Volunteers Foundation to support social responsibility projects on gender equality and women's rights by Community Volunteer young people.

In the exhibition consisting of a total of one thousand cranes folded from papers in different dimensions, colors, and textures by artist Defne Özyürek, each artwork symbolizes the vulnerability of women in Turkey, marginalized groups, children in various deprivations, and individuals cornered by the modern world.

Two hundred of the artworks, folded using front pages of various newspapers from March 13, 2020, the date of the first COVID case announcement in Turkey, until today, are particularly black and white as they convey gloomy news. In the exhibition, where the artist emphasizes our desensitization to the bad news we are constantly exposed to in daily newspapers and the resulting indifference, participants will rescue the artworks they want using scissors available in the exhibition area. This act symbolizes the spread of awareness about gender inequalities in society.

The exhibition is attributed to the ancient Japanese belief of Senbazuru, which promises a wish granted by the gods to the person who folds one thousand crane birds from paper.

The event, which will also include a music performance by the artist, will have free admission. The entire proceeds from the sale of artworks and donation campaigns will be transferred to the Community Volunteers Foundation (TOG) to support social responsibility projects of Community Volunteer young people in the field of gender equality and women's rights.


"Remember, Hopefully" Exhibition

October 2, 2022, Sunday

15:00 - 17:00 (Turkey Time)

Adas Art Center

Seyrantepe, Çalışkan Street No:33, 34418 Kağıthane / Istanbul"