Spotify Scholarship Fund 24 April 2023

Spotify provides scholarships to university students affected by earthquake in collabroration with TOG

In the immediate aftermath of the earthquake disaster, Spotify launched an internal donation program and additionally supported the World Health Organization's (WHO) call to focus on relief efforts in areas of need. Through the Voice of Youth Scholarship, Spotify continues to support university students in earthquake-affected cities by enabling them to continue their academic education.

17.5 % of university students across the country were affected.

The earthquake severely affected 11 cities in Turkey's eastern and southeastern regions, where approximately 13.5 million people live. According to the data from the Council of Higher Education (YÖK), more than 630,000 students were affected by the earthquake. According to the statement, 376,770 students in these 11 cities were directly affected by the earthquake. Additionally, there are 299,397 university students who reside in the 11 cities but study in other provinces of Turkey. The data released by YÖK shows that there are over 631,430 students residing or studying in the region, which is 17.5% of the total number of students in Turkey.*

Elizabeth Nieto, Spotify's Vice President of Global Equality and Social Impact, made the following statement regarding the matter: "Together with TOG, we are proud to be able to provide support to university students in need following the devastating earthquakes. Through the Spotify Youth Voice Program, we aim to provide the necessary help and support for students to continue their academic journey with the scholarship fund we have established.”

Community Volunteers Foundation General Manager Ayşe Kırımlı stated, "As TOG, we have been empowering youthe for 21 years, contributing to their education and future dreams. With the Disaster Scholarship Fund we established immediately after the earthquake, we aimed to take action for youth affected by the earthquake and support their educational lives. Spotify contributed to the Disaster Scholarship Fund within the scope of the program it initiated, enabling us to provide scholarship support to 200 youth. We are proud to create value for youth together with our valuable stakeholders like Spotify who believe in youth and education."