TOG Bazar event took place 05 May 2023


TOG Bazar, which was implemented by the Community Volunteers Foundation (TOG) to empower university students and support their projects that create social benefits, was held on May 2-3 this year to raise funds for the work in the disaster area with the theme of "Solidarity"!

TOG Bazar; It is implemented by the Community Volunteers Foundation, with the support of TOG Social Committee members, to support Community Volunteer youth, which carries out social responsibility projects in all corners of Turkey, and to draw attention to the projects of young people that improve the world. This time, all of the income obtained from TOG Bazar, which opened its doors for the 15th time on May 2-3, was used as a resource for the work carried out by TOG after the earthquake disaster on February 6.

Nearly 150 brands and thousands of visitors attend the event held in Divan Kuruçeşme with the support of Ariş Pırlanta, Bayer Turkey, Eti, Fenercioğlu A.ş, Shell, Trendyol and Yapı Kredi Crystal every year. Everyone who attended the event this year contributed to the support activities carried out by TOG in the earthquake region since February 6.

Important names from the business, society and art world who went to the earthquake area or carried out voluntary work for those affected by the disaster also appeared in front of the camera to support TOG Bazar. Posing for the lens of successful photographer Zeynel Abidin Ağgül; Pınar Altuğ-Yağmur Atacan, Ebru Kohen, Saffet Emre Tonguç, Dilara Koçak, Siren Ertan, Burcu Erçil, Jale Balcı, Serda Büyükkoyuncu and Aslı Kuseyrioğlu talked about their support after the disaster. Artist and writer Nursel Köse and Writer Ali Aksöz met with their fans at TOG Bazar for the signing of the book "The Man in the Shadow".