Community Volunteers Foundation (TOG) Celebrates 20 Years! 17 May 2022


Founded in 2002 with the slogan "Led by youth, guided by adults," the Community Volunteers Foundation (TOG) is celebrating its 20th anniversary alongside tens of thousands of Community Volunteers. Supporting young people in various fields for two decades, TOG creates space for them and invites everyone to become a Community Volunteer and support young people, as declared in its call during Youth Week.


Established in 2002 under the leadership of Ibrahim Betil and a group of young people, the Community Volunteers Foundation (TOG) has been contributing to young people's projects that provide solutions to social issues, empowering them through various educational programs, supporting their education with over 100 scholarship funds, and creating platforms for them to voice their opinions. Instead of criticizing, young people prefer to be part of the solution by coming together in the format of student clubs and project teams to carry out social responsibility projects aimed at solving social problems they observe in their surroundings.

Twenty years ago, under Ibrahim Betil's leadership with the intention of "shaping a society, inspiring a country," TOG was founded, and now, during Youth Week, it invites everyone to become a Community Volunteer and support young people with its special publication "Call" for its 20th anniversary celebration.


Numbers about TOG:

There are 146 TOG Communities in 135 universities in 77 cities.

In 2021, young volunteers implemented 1,587 social responsibility projects in 16 different themes, providing added value to nearly 60 million and touching the lives of nearly 800,000 individuals.

In 2021, support was provided to the educational dreams of nearly 1,500 young people with TOG Youth scholarships.


Youth Week Celebrations in the 20th Year:

TOG, Turkey's most widespread youth foundation, celebrated Youth Week with the "Volunteer Youth Festival" coordinated by TOG's Needle Eye Youth Center in Samsun on May 18-19. The festival was realized with the collaboration of Atakum Municipality, Yapı Kredi Volunteers, Atakum Youth Council, Balaçlılar Solidarity and Mutual Aid Association, Ondokuz Mayıs University Communities, and Community Volunteer Youth. As part of the festival, young volunteers conducted interviews with Cemil Deveci, Mayor of Atakum Municipality, Züleyha Erbil from Yapı Kredi Volunteers, Ibrahim Betil, Founder and Board Member of TOG, Didem Duru, Chairperson of TOG Board of Directors, and Ayşe Kırımlı, TOG General Manager. Alongside the interviews, they added color to the city with the Youth March, Ebru and Oil Painting Workshop, Breath Exercise, and Yoga Workshop. As part of their social responsibility activities, they donated sports equipment to children at Atakum İncesu Primary School, conducted oral and dental health screenings with VM Medical Park and Liv Hospital, and cleaned the coastline at Atakum Beach to rid it of waste."