Press Release for Akbank Beautiful Tomorrows Movement 15 November 2023

Akbank Beautiful Tomorrows Movement

Preparing Youth for the Future in Disaster Areas

Akbank, in collaboration with the Community Volunteers Foundation (TOG), is by the side of the youth with the Akbank Beautiful Tomorrows Movement initiated for social healing in disaster areas. The initiative, which will provide young people with new century competencies in 5 different cities, brought together over a thousand young people with science, technology, and art in its initial activities in Adıyaman.

Within the scope of the Akbank Beautiful Tomorrows Movement, implemented in collaboration with Akbank and the Community Volunteers Foundation, it is aimed to reach five thousand young people within a one-year period. Thus, it is aimed to build a strong and healthy future with the transformation of families and society.

Serving Turkey's development for 75 years, Akbank continues its efforts for the people of the region without interruption after the great earthquake disaster following the 100th anniversary of the Republic. In this context, Akbank, which prioritizes financial and social recovery, works for a bright future in the region with the Akbank Beautiful Tomorrows Movement initiated for young people.

With the studies conducted in collaboration with the Community Volunteers Foundation, a mobile center is provided to young people in the 5 provinces most affected by the earthquake, where they can be inspired by science, art, and technology, gain new generation competencies, and receive psychosocial support. Through this mobile center, which will travel to 5 cities for one year, it is aimed to reach five thousand young people. In the Akbank Beautiful Tomorrows Movement, in addition to Akbank experts and Community Volunteer young people, Akbank Youth Academy, Akbank Sanat, and City's Goodness volunteers also participate. Thus, young people are supported and prepared for the future through a strong cooperation.

"A sustainable future is possible with the support of our youth"

Emphasizing the importance of the activities of the Akbank Beautiful Tomorrows Movement mobile center started in Adıyaman for Turkey's sustainable future, Beril Alakoç, Akbank Brand and Communication Director; "In these days when we are building the second century of our Republic, it is critically important for all our young people to have a healthy support mechanism and new generation competencies. In this direction, we continue the mobilization we started after the great disaster we experienced with the Akbank Beautiful Tomorrows Movement and strengthen the social and financial support we offer to the region's people. Because we know that it is important for our young people to shape their future with art, science, and technology not only for themselves but also for the development of our region and country. In this context; Akbank, Community Volunteers Foundation, Akbank Sanat, Akbank Youth Academy, and City's Goodness stand by the young people in the region with great cooperation and lay the foundations of a sustainable future."

Ayşe Kırımlı, General Manager of Community Volunteers Foundation: "As TOG, we have been trusting in the potential and energy of young people for 21 years, and we believe that change will be with the youth. For this reason, we support young people by strengthening them with scholarship and mentorship programs and supporting their social responsibility projects carried out in their local areas. The earthquake we experienced on February 6 increased the existing needs of young people even more. After the disaster, we created a scholarship fund to support young people, and now we contribute to their empowerment with the Support Centers we have opened. Our Mobile Support Center, which will travel to five cities affected by the disaster for a year, started its activities in Adıyaman. Our goal is to empower not only young people but also everyone affected by the earthquake, and to alleviate the negative effects of the disaster. We thank Akbank, who supports us in this project with solidarity and belief in young people. I hope the Beautiful Tomorrows Movement brings beauty to the youth and all of us."

Youth are transforming today, shaping the future

Following the major disaster, young people in the region facing obstacles in accessing education are struggling to prepare for rapidly changing new-generation professions.

The Akbank Beautiful Tomorrows Movement, designed in line with Akbank's vision of sustainable future, aims to respond to these needs of young people. In this context, opportunities for both development and psychosocial support are provided to young people in Hatay, Kahramanmaraş, Adıyaman, Gaziantep, and Malatya.

In the Akbank Beautiful Tomorrows Movement, the Akbank Youth Academy supports young people in shaping their careers through 101 meetings within the Competence Introduction Programs. Within this scope, young people are introduced to new-generation technologies such as cybersecurity, cloud technologies, artificial intelligence, metaverse, Web 3.0, data science. At the same time, young people who gain experience in innovation and entrepreneurship participate in meetings on social issues such as gender equality.

Akbank Sanat experts bring young people together with interactive activities such as stop motion animation and photography workshops. Thus, opportunities are provided for them to develop their creativity with technology.

The initiative of Akbank, which encourages young people to volunteer in areas they are interested in, City's Goodness, also contributes to these efforts. Thus, university students from all over Turkey meet with their peers in the disaster area and work together to build beautiful tomorrows.

The Akbank Youth Academy reaches thousands of young people every year

The Akbank Youth Academy, which plays a role in helping young people in the disaster area gain new skills within the scope of the Akbank Beautiful Tomorrows Movement, was established in 2021. The Academy aims to prepare young people from all over Turkey for the professions of the future with the development programs it offers. In this context, it implements award-winning competitions, education and mentoring activities, and long-term development programs. Thus, it serves to social and ecosystemic transformation.

Providing opportunities for young people to gain knowledge and experience in strategic areas such as innovation, entrepreneurship, artificial intelligence, and social impact, the Akbank Youth Academy has reached approximately 120,000 students from over 200 universities since its establishment.

Akbank stands by the disaster area in its financial and social needs

After the earthquake disaster on February 6, Akbank continues its efforts for the region without interruption. Contributing 650 million TL to the aid efforts in the initial period of the disaster, Akbank is working to restore the financial health of its customers affected by the earthquake with a financing support worth 10 billion TL. At the same time, Akbank provided support of 500 million dollars for the financing of foreign trade transactions affected by the earthquake by implementing Turkey's first socially themed syndication loan.