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Corporate Social Responsibility Trainings

In addition to Community Volunteer youth, TOG Training Unit also organizes trainings for employees of corporate companies or different groups in cooperation with corporate companies. In the trainings organized by TOG, it is important to think participant-oriented, to create training content in line with the needs of the participants and to ensure their active participation.

To this end, information is gathered before each training in order to understand the needs of the participants correctly.

The trainings are based on interactive practices and sharing the experiences of the participants in these practices. Through practices, the knowledge, skills and approach objectives targeted in the training are realized.  The different learning styles of the participants are taken into consideration when implementing the practices and effective learning is ensured at every stage by expert trainers. In addition, participants get to know each other in a deeper way and a group dynamic is created between them.

In these trainings using the non-formal education model; it is ensured that the participants can express their thoughts freely, are not judged, do not encounter absolute truths in the content of the training, have an efficient training and learn from the experiences of other participants. All trainings can be delivered online by experts without any loss of learning.

The trainings provided by TOG experts are listed below:

  • Volunteering and Social Responsibility
  • Project Management and Resource Development
  • Gender Equality
  • Introduction to Ecological Living
  • Teamwork
  • Ecological Life in the City Workshop
  • Gardening in Pots Workshop

Some of the stakeholders we cooperate with; Cisco Turkey, ING Turkey, İntermobil, Nexans, RES etc.

You can send an e-mail to for detailed information and training catalog.