Ipana Supports Youth Development Through Music! 10 June 2022

"The 'Smile for Impact' campaign made an impact!


The campaign initiated by P&G's beloved brand Ipana in collaboration with the Community Volunteers Foundation (TOG) and Migros under the slogan 'Smile for Impact' has yielded its first results. The campaign aims to open music classes in selected high schools through contributions made for every Ipana product purchased from Migros stores. As part of the campaign, the first music class was opened at a high school in Beykoz, Istanbul, with the popular musician Evrencan Gündüz joining the opening ceremony and creating a delightful atmosphere with his songs.


Ipana, the most widely used oral care brand of P&G, continues to create social benefits through long-term social responsibility projects conducted in collaboration with non-governmental organizations. Recently, under the slogan 'Smile for Impact,' Ipana has managed to touch the lives of young people through a new campaign in collaboration with the Community Volunteers Foundation (TOG) and Migros. Until May 15, 2022, for every Ipana product purchased from Migros stores, contributions were made to provide musical instruments and establish music classes in selected high schools. With these contributions, the first music class was opened at a high school in Beykoz, Istanbul.

The opening ceremony held on June 7th, Wednesday, was attended by representatives from Ipana, TOG, and Migros, along with the young musician Evrencan Gündüz. In the coming days, music classes will be opened in other high schools as well.

Speaking at the opening of the music class, Ipana stated:

"As a brand that is most preferred and chosen by consumers in oral and dental health, we not only perform our job in the best way but also prioritize fulfilling our social responsibilities. Supporting the youth is one of the most crucial issues for the future of our country. Considering the significant role of music in the development of young people, we initiated this campaign. Today, we are excited and happy to come together for the opening of a music class at a high school in Beykoz. We are working intensively to quickly open music classes in other designated high schools."

TOG General Manager Ayşe Kırımlı also stated:

 "For 20 years, TOG has been working to empower young people, support their projects that change the world, and share their dreams. Because we believe that they have the potential, energy, and courage to change the world. With thousands of social responsibility projects they carry out every year, young people touch hearts all over Turkey, showing us that their capabilities are only limited by their imagination. With Ipana and Migros, who believe in young people like us, and trust in their power and potential, we are happy to have brought the campaign to life, focusing on young people interested in music. We are pleased to have brought young people interested in music one step closer to their dreams through this campaign."

Following the speeches, Evrencan Gündüz engaged in conversations with the students, providing insights into the music world, discussing the role of music in his life, sharing anecdotes, and answering questions.