Metro Turkey's stationery set designed by Erdil Yaşaroğlu is on the shelves! 01 September 2022

Teaching Sustainability to Children with Recycled Products
While Supporting the Community Volunteers Foundation (TOG)

Metro Turkey's Stationery Set with Erdil Yaşaroğlu Designs on Shelves!

For over 30 years, Metro Turkey, which has placed sustainability at the center of all its operations and developed pioneering projects in this field, has initiated a collaboration to raise awareness about sustainability among children, even from a young age, during the back-to-school season. Metro Turkey, which caters to all students' educational needs, will introduce a stationery set made of recycled and wooden materials, featuring designs by renowned cartoonist Erdil Yaşaroğlu, to explain the benefits of recycling to children and increase their environmental awareness. The stationery set will be available on shelves starting from September 1st. Families purchasing the stationery set will also be supporting the Community Volunteers Foundation (TOG), Turkey's most widespread youth foundation aiming to empower young people for the past 20 years.


As the countdown for the first school bell of the new academic year, August 12, 2022, continues, the back-to-school shopping season begins for millions of students and their families. Just like every year, Metro Turkey is bringing together families and students with high-quality and reliable products that meet all educational needs while considering the price-quality-performance ratio.

Metro Turkey, which has placed sustainability at the center of all its operations for over 30 years and initiated pioneering projects in this field, has launched a new project to instill awareness of sustainability among children from a young age. As part of the project specially prepared for the back-to-school season, Metro Turkey aims to increase environmental awareness by instilling the importance of recycling in children. To achieve this goal, Metro Turkey has partnered with renowned cartoonist Erdil Yaşaroğlu. Featuring designs specially created by Erdil Yaşaroğlu for the project, a stationery set made from recycled and wooden materials including notebooks, pens, rulers, and pencil cases will be used to impart knowledge about sustainability and environmental awareness to children in a fun way.


You Can Support the Community Volunteers Foundation (TOG) by Including the Stationery Set in Your Back-to-School Shopping

As of September 1st, the stationery set, priced at 49.99 TL and consisting of recycled and wooden products, will be available on Metro Turkey's shelves. Families purchasing the stationery set will not only teach their children about the importance of sustainability but also contribute to the education of university students through donations to the Community Volunteers Foundation (TOG), enabling them to look to the present and future with more hope.


Reliable Product Range

For over 30 years, Metro Turkey, known as the address of reliable shopping in our country, has been offering customers the products they need while considering the price-quality-performance ratio. Just like every year, Metro Turkey has started to shelf all the products needed for education by conducting analyses. Within this scope, Metro Turkey tests products for children's educational needs in 90 different parameters such as harmful chemicals and heavy metals and only offers products that pass these tests to customers on their shelves.


About Metro Turkey:

Metro, one of the world's most important international retail companies, has been operating in Turkey since 1990 with the aim of ensuring the continuity of the Turkish cuisine and leaving a legacy to future generations. While providing all services to create a kitchen for the HoReCa (hotel, restaurant, cafe) sector, Metro Turkey offers 40,000 products that professionals and their businesses need in 21 cities with 37 stores and over 4,000 employees, considering the price-quality-performance ratio. Metro Turkey carries out studies on Turkish cuisine, taking into account economic, environmental, and social impacts, and therefore aims to contribute to recording local values and leaving them as a legacy to future generations. The company, which includes its own brands such as Metro Chef, Metro Professional, Metro Premium, Aro, Rioba, and Sigma, applies 100% the ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System standard, which is based on the establishment of the "From Field to Fork" food safety management system, in all its stores.


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