The Exhibition 'We Have a Story' Has Been Opened! 27 January 2022

Sales Completed for Portraits in OPPO's 'One of Our Stories' Exhibition in Collaboration with the Community Volunteers Foundation

All portraits taken by the renowned photographer Sefa Yamak, using the powerful imaging capabilities of the Reno6, in the 'One of Our Stories' exhibition, a collaboration between OPPO and the Community Volunteers Foundation (TOG), have been sold.


January 2022 – The leading global smart product brand, OPPO, recently completed the sale of all portrait photographs showcased in the 'One of Our Stories' exhibition, a project carried out in collaboration with the Community Volunteers Foundation (TOG). The exhibition featured portraits captured using the portrait photography feature of the Reno6, which is marketed with the slogan 'Today I'm in Portrait Mode', highlighting its distinctive capability in portrait photography. These portraits were taken by the renowned photographer Sefa Yamak, featuring portraits of young volunteers from the TOG. The stories behind these portraits were presented in the exhibition titled 'One of Our Stories'.

As part of the project aimed at supporting the projects of young volunteers who contribute to social benefit through volunteering and becoming a part of volunteering stories, portraits taken with the Reno6 were sold via auction as NFTs. The revenue generated from the sale of NFT artworks was donated to the Community Volunteers Foundation. OPPO had also supported the Community Volunteers Foundation the previous year by donating smartphones to young volunteers.


An excellent portable portrait studio

The OPPO Reno series serves more than 70 million users globally, capturing over 2 billion photos and 200 million videos on average every month, preserving their memories. Continuing the strong imaging capabilities of the Reno series, the Reno6 comes with industry-leading portrait video features to enhance the portrait photography experience and better capture emotions.

The Reno6 features a 64MP AI quad-camera setup on the rear and a 44MP selfie camera on the front. This powerful hardware equips the Reno6 with various portrait video capabilities enhanced by artificial intelligence:

  • Bokeh Flare Video offers a cinema-quality bokeh effect to videos captured with smartphones. Supported by OPPO's dataset of over 10 million portraits and AI algorithms, Bokeh Flare Video provides real-time video processing to capture portrait videos with bokeh light spots in the background, ensuring natural and vibrant portrait shots.
  • AI Highlight Video automatically detects ambient light and optimizes videos accordingly. Regardless of day or night, AI Highlight Video helps capture portrait videos with clearer, brighter, and more vivid colors, even in environments with backlighting.
  • Portrait Beautification Video provides natural beauty effects to portrait videos. Identifying up to 193 facial points during video shooting, Portrait Beautification Video allows for more precise, personalized, and unique application of beauty effects.


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