Community Volunteers Foundation (TOG) Scholarship Applications Have Started! 15 September 2021



Every year, the Community Volunteers Foundation (TOG) provides scholarship support to more than 1,500 young people through the Youth Scholarships Fund, and for the 2022-2023 academic year, scholarship applications have begun! Applications will be accepted online until September 15th.

For the past 20 years, the Community Volunteers Foundation has aimed to empower young people and has continued to support the educational dreams of university students through the Youth Scholarships Fund. By providing scholarship support to over 10,000 students through more than 100 scholarship funds, TOG has helped them take a step closer to their education goals. This year, TOG has started accepting scholarship applications. Applicants applying online at will be evaluated based on criteria such as academic achievement, financial need, and volunteer experience. After the initial evaluation, the results will be announced to the candidates via email on October 24th, and scholarship interviews will be conducted. Scholarship support, which can be utilized by freshmen or students in intermediate years, will begin in November.


92% of young people need scholarships!

Ayşe Kırımlı, the General Manager of TOG, emphasizes that according to TOG's October 2021 research on the Housing Situation and Needs of University Students, 92% of young people in Turkey need scholarships, stating: “We are going through economically challenging times as a country. Life conditions that challenge all of us affect young people the most. According to our research, young people are struggling to meet their most basic needs such as accommodation and nutrition, and they do not have access to cultural and artistic activities. TOG contributes to the educational dreams of more than 1,500 young people every year through scholarship funds, supporting them in reaching their future goals. Additionally, TOG supports scholarship recipients to engage in social responsibility projects and discover volunteerism, enabling them to develop themselves in different areas. Former TOG scholarship recipients are now returning as donors to support the education of another Community Volunteer young person, which is very valuable to us. This year, we aim to support young people's university education by providing scholarship support because we believe it is crucial to contribute to their learning journey.”