Applications for Eti's 'You Are Young, You Are Powerful' Project for 2022 are now open! 19 May 2022

Eti's "Youth Empowerment, Power in You" Project Applications for 2022 are Open!

Eti has announced the opening of applications for its "Youth Empowerment, Power in You" project in collaboration with the Community Volunteers Foundation (TOG). The project aims to support young people with goals in the fields of science, culture and arts, social responsibility, and sports. Applications for the year 2022 will be accepted until July 1, 2022, through an online form on the website.

As a leading company in the food sector, Eti has been collaborating with the Community Volunteers Foundation (TOG) since 2019 to run the "Youth Empowerment, Power in You" social responsibility project, which aims to encourage young people to pursue their dreams. In its fourth year, Eti and TOG are preparing to support determined young people in realizing their dreams in the fields of science, culture and arts, social responsibility, and sports. Applications for the project can be submitted online through the website until July 1, 2022.


Seeking Inspirational Young People!

The "Youth Empowerment, Power in You" project, led by Eti and TOG, aims to support young people who are striving to achieve their dreams through their own efforts and to make their stories visible to inspire other young people. The project aims to reach and increase the visibility of determined young people aged between 15 and 25 who make a difference in the fields of science, culture and arts, sports, and social responsibility throughout Turkey. Every year, a total of 16 young people are selected in four categories: science, culture and arts, social responsibility, and sports, through evaluations by expert jury members, and they receive mentorship and grant support.


"Young People Need Support"

Hakan Polatoğlu, CEO of Eti, emphasized the importance that Eti places on young people and their dreams, stating:

"Our founder Firuz Kanatlı's vision, as expressed in his saying 'There is no higher purpose than the happiness of humanity,' has been driving us for over 60 years. The youth and their dreams have special significance for us. We are the heirs of a corporate culture that knows what it means to dream and that understands the need to work hard to achieve those dreams. Eti, too, is a brand that emerged from the factory dream that Firuz Kanatlı drew with his own hands at a very young age. Today, young people need support to be happy and to pursue their dreams. With our 'Youth Empowerment, Power in You' project, we aim to provide opportunities for young people to dream and to realize those dreams, to join hands with our young people who never lose hope, and to see each of them succeed."

Polatoğlu continued:

"Research shows that young people's hopes are dwindling, and the number of young people trying to go abroad to fulfill their dreams is increasing. We launched our project to contribute to improving this situation. In the past three years, we have supported 40 of our young people's projects and contributed to their reaching their goals. In 2022, we will help 16 young people realize their dreams. We do not limit our support to young people to just grants and mentorship. With a practice we started last year, we organize a 2-day online camp for 128 young people identified by our project partner TOG, bringing our young people together with valuable experts to broaden their visions and horizons. I hope that these efforts will inspire all young people and help them not to lose hope in themselves, their dreams, and their futures."


TOG Founder and Board Member İbrahim Betil also commented on the start of the new application period:

"As TOG, we have been empowering young people and supporting their projects that create social benefits for 20 years. With the 'Youth Empowerment, Power in You' project we carry out with Eti, we become partners in the future dreams of young people. Because we believe that young people have the potential and energy to change the world with beauty. It is our responsibility to believe in them, create space for them to be heard, and empower them. The 'University Students' Housing Situation and Needs Survey' we conducted in October last year revealed how important this support is. According to the online research we conducted, 85% of young people want to go abroad if possible, and 58% cannot imagine a good future in Turkey. We need to change this situation to make young people more hopeful and able to realize their dreams. For this reason, we are very happy to be a stakeholder of the 'Youth Empowerment, Power in You' project, which empowers young people through mentorship and grant programs. Just like last year, I believe that young people will show great interest in the project this year as well."